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Filing for Bankruptcy, Yes or No?

Financial hard times are never fun, especially if you know you have been doing everything right all along. When things turn south and we lose the ability to recover, one question always comes to the top, what next? Should we try to borrow more money and dig a deeper hole for ourselves, or should we […]

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When to Find Legal Help

Some instances when you might need to find legal help range from buying and selling a home, adopting a child, being in an accident and or even committing a crime. If you find yourself needing legal help due to a divorce, bankruptcy, debt, or personal injury then a great person to call is the Law […]

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Help with Medical Bills

Anyone who has ever had to visit the doctor or has had to go to the emergency room knows the staggering numbers that come on the bill when he receives it in the mail. Even a simple shot or a routine checkup can cost hundreds of dollars. One broken arm is enough to put someone […]

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How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Bankruptcy Filings?

Several government employees were given furloughs on October 1, 2013 as the Government Shutdown began. Still, Burbank Bankruptcy Lawyers are not sure what will happen with Bankruptcy Court cases and similar hearings and appearances. For ten days, at least, the United States Bankruptcy Court will continue to operate.  In Massachusetts, the courts are still going […]

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When To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney

The profits of procuring a Covington bankruptcy attorney are truly bountiful. This sort of attorney exhorts and advises you on approaches to secure your holdings and speaks to you in court. Such an attorney has represented considerable authority in dispossession, purchaser and business law. Numerous individuals and organizations have documented for bankruptcy in this way […]

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