Fighting A DUI

Fighting A DUIConvictions for driving under the influence can result in loss of driver license, fines, driving restrictions, probation, community service and even a jail term. However, the good thing is that there are steps that you can take so as to reduce the charges or even beat DUI conviction all in all. In the modern day, DUI charges are happening to people as laws get more severe as time goes by. If only you can get the necessary tips on how to fight DUI, you might be on your way to freedom again. Here are some of the ways through which you can beat a DUI.

Understand What the Police Look For When They Suspect You of DUI

Some aspects like driving at night with bright lights, not using turn signals, driving very fast in poor weather conditions, driving over the speed limit stipulated, driving too slowly on the road with no apparent reason, and weaving in marked lines are some of the main signs which the police use when they want to find out if you are under the influence. If only you could avoid these, you might benefit a great deal.

Keep Your Composure When Told To Pull Over

When you come across a police check and you are told to pull over, it is important to keep calm under any circumstance. If you seem nervous, the police officer might suspect something. Again, if you were chewing gum or smoking a cigarette, you need to put it away before the police officer approaches your car. Most importantly, you are advised not to talk till that time the police officer talks to you. If you are asked to hand over your vehicle registration and license, make sure you do so in a polite manner.

Never Incriminate Yourself

You are also advised to only answer questions when they are directed to you and when it is absolutely necessary. Remember that you can also choose to exercise your right to remain silent regardless. You need to remain courteous at all times. Do not offer the police officer any evidence that has the potential to incriminate you of a DUI.

Refuse Any Field Sobriety Tests

It is also worth noting that it is your right to refuse any kind of tests done on the road. This includes the breathalyzer device that police are using nowadays all over the world. Tests should only be taken in instances when it is absolutely necessary. There are some devices that are not healthy to use on all humans. So if you have any health concerns, you can let the officer know about such details.

You also need to keep your driver license protected. Ronald Dinan & Associates are a group of experts who can offer you the help you need with regards to fighting DUI. Just make sure that they are the right kind of people to work with.

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