Help with Medical Bills

medical_billsAnyone who has ever had to visit the doctor or has had to go to the emergency room knows the staggering numbers that come on the bill when he receives it in the mail. Even a simple shot or a routine checkup can cost hundreds of dollars. One broken arm is enough to put someone in debt for years. The cost of medical bills has been a source of controversy. Many cannot afford to pay their medical bills, and as such are on the verge of bankruptcy.
Fortunately for many people, the healthcare profession is seeing the plight of many people to be able to pay their medical bills. As a result, many hospitals are taking the necessary steps to help those who cannot pay their bills. For example, Chicago Medical Assistance allows patients to fill out a form and submit it in order to receive financial aid for their medical bills. Many other hospitals have different programs to help offset the cost of the medical bills or pay them completely. The government also attempts to assist families with low incomes by offering Medicaid to pay for medical expenses. In addition, there are many charities that offer financial assistance to those who have incurred a lot of debt due to medical bills.
There is help out there for those struggling to pay their medical bills. The problem is that these programs and charities are not often made public. For example, in order to receive financial assistance from the hospital where the patient was treated, he first must ask for the assistance. The hospital will more often than not refrain from indulging him such pertinent information. Once he has asked for the assistance, he will then have to fill out forms to show that he needs assistance and is applying for the assistance. It is important for him to keep in contact with the the financial assistance department or the Human Resources department at the hospital where he received treatment. The worst possible thing one can do when trying to settle a medical bill is to lose contact with the hospital. Many times those working in the billing department of the hospital understand the rising costs of healthcare and want to help.
So many families have had to file bankruptcy because they could not pay their medical bills. Many families are struggling already when they have to make an unexpected trip to the hospital. However, there is help out there. One of the most important things one can do as he enters the hospital or doctor’s office is to admit that he will not be able to pay the bill. Many times the office staff can point him in the right direction in order to receive financial help. It can help him focus more on his healing and less on his bills.

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