How to Deal With A DUI

How to Deal With A DUIThere is hardly a person on the planet that would say that getting a DUI is a good thing. More times than not, when an individual gets a DUI is because they had a momentary lapse of good judgement. They may have gone out with their friends and they may have had a few drinks. The drinking impairs their judgement to the point where they thought that they were okay to get in a motor vehicle and drive home. Then, out of nowhere comes the police officers and pulls them over. Now they find themselves spending the night in jail, and facing serious fines and jail time because of their DUI.

The question is, what should an individual who is dealing with a DUI do? What is the next step? Well, as with all things knowledge is power. So if an individual does not have any knowledge of the DUI laws in their area, the very first thing that they should do is sit down with an attorney, and find out what the laws are that influence the situation that they are in. A good option may be talking to Fischer & Putzi DUI Attorneys.

There are some steps that an individual should take while they are being pulled over by police officers. For example, if you have been pulled over by police officers and you have had even a drop of alcohol, you must realize that you are within your right to refuse to take any sobriety test. Even if you’ve not had anything to drink, you still have the right to refuse these tests. The reason is is that these tests can only be used to prove that you are drunk. Police officers do not give these tests in order to prove an individual’s innocence.

This same rule applies for field sobriety test. A police officer may tell you to walk a straight line. They may tell you to walk with your hand on your nose. You have the right to deny any of these sobriety test. What if because of nerves you lose your balance? What if you had a few drinks, but you are not legally drunk? A field sobriety test may give the indication that you are drunk. Now something you have to remember is that if you refuse to take a field sobriety test, more than likely you’re going to be handcuffed and more than likely you are going to be taken to the police station.

Immediately, contact your lawyer. Remember, you do not have what it takes in order to defend yourself in court and you do not understand the laws that are connected to drinking while under the influence. If you had the skills necessary to convince a jury, you would be able to convince the police officer and you would not be in this situation. So do not be afraid to look for help.


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