Cyber Law

So much of our technology is new and this is one area of law that people are struggling to determine what should and shouldn’t be allowed.


One of the most heatedly debated issues of our generation. New laws and policies are being implemented daily.

National Law

Find out what’s new and happening around the nation.

Get The Social Security Disability You Deserve

Many people work their entire life and are never seriously injured or sick. Life is extremely unpredictable. You can be skipping down the street one day, only to find out the next day that you have cancer. Sometimes, fortunately, things are not that bad. Sometimes after working on a job for so many years, arthritis […]

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Police Training Preparation Guide

Those who aspire to have a career in law enforcement tend to choose to be one of those that are right in the heart and heat of the action and thus many opt for being a member of the police force. This is a noble and traditional position that brings with it a sense of […]

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Finding Yourself in an Unhappy Marriage?

So your marriage didn’t exactly turn out how you expected and you find yourself ready to file for divorce. This can be a long and painful experience if not done correctly. Since you are obviously unhappy in your marriage, the last thing you want is a drawn out, ugly divorce. Luckily there are some things […]

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Probate Law

Probate involves going to court to validate a will and complete a person’s wishes outlined in his or her will. For example, it can include transferring property from the deceased to his or her heirs and/ or distributing funds. In California, the court will appoint an administrator who will represent the deceased and: • Pay […]

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Hiring an Injury Lawyer

It is not always that people take full responsibility for their actions, even when they are obviously in the wrong. This is very unfortunate when it comes to actions that involve other people and affect their safety. There are surprisingly more than enough cases where the responsible one for an accident, where the other party […]

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Fighting A DUI

Convictions for driving under the influence can result in loss of driver license, fines, driving restrictions, probation, community service and even a jail term. However, the good thing is that there are steps that you can take so as to reduce the charges or even beat DUI conviction all in all. In the modern day, […]

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Filing for Bankruptcy, Yes or No?

Financial hard times are never fun, especially if you know you have been doing everything right all along. When things turn south and we lose the ability to recover, one question always comes to the top, what next? Should we try to borrow more money and dig a deeper hole for ourselves, or should we […]

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What a Divorce Lawyer can do For You

Going through divorce can be a very difficult and trying time. Individuals who are seeking a divorce might find it tempting to take what they consider to be the easy route and use either a free website, or documents provided by the court in order to file for divorce on their own. Now, it is […]

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Legal Problems Where Consulting a Lawyer is Helpful

As an individual who worked as a paralegal for a couple years after college, I am a huge proponent of consulting lawyers when you have problems that need to be resolved with the help of a professional. That being said, what are three specific instances in which you should consult a lawyer. First, I’d say […]

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Parmele Law Firm

Appealing a Social Security Benefits Denial Too many people wait until it is to late to decide to file an appeal of a social security benefits denial. They may feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the process. If you have had your disability benefits claim denied, then you should realize that you are not alone. Unfortunately, […]

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