Cyber Law

So much of our technology is new and this is one area of law that people are struggling to determine what should and shouldn’t be allowed.


One of the most heatedly debated issues of our generation. New laws and policies are being implemented daily.

National Law

Find out what’s new and happening around the nation.

Which Investments are the Best for Your Age?

If you want to know your investment portfolio percentage, there is a rule that you take 100 and subtract your present age from it. The difference is the percentage you are supposed to invest in stocks. For instance, if you are 35, your stocks portfolio should be at 65 percent. However, technology and advanced medical […]

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Protecting Yourself During a Divorce

Divorce is devastating. Even if you believe that you are looking forward to it because of the peace you will feel once your marriage is over, it is difficult and heartbreaking. However, even if you are having one of the more amicable divorces and things seem to be going smoothly, things can change quickly. Before […]

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Compelling Reasons for Hiring an Injury Attorney

You do not need to be represented by an injury attorney every time you have an auto accident or other injury claim. There is always a threshold. The injury must have been severe and you should not have been the one at fault. Nevertheless, hiring an attorney helps you push for a better settlement from […]

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Forensic Handwriting Expert

Forensic handwriting started early this century in order to identify the authenticity of documents and forgery. It developed out of The Court’s need to be able to correctly analyze document evidence. In addition to identifying signatures and forgery, document examination performed by forensic handwriting experts includes detection of deletions, alterations, additions, substitutions, handwriting identification, and […]

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When to Find Legal Help

Some instances when you might need to find legal help range from buying and selling a home, adopting a child, being in an accident and or even committing a crime. If you find yourself needing legal help due to a divorce, bankruptcy, debt, or personal injury then a great person to call is the Law […]

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Things To Consider About Divorce

Divorce is something that nobody ever wants to go through, however the reality is that many people are unhappy in their marriage or have circumstances occur that necessitate this process to occur. Rather than having the process seem scary and unfamiliar it is best to understand the steps for filing a divorce. First of all, […]

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Steps To Take After an Auto Accident

Let’s face the facts, unfortunately auto accidents happen whether we want them to or not. Cars are a great mode of transportation, but they are also one of the more dangerous modes of transportation since the risk of accident is so high. The following 10 tips are good to keep in mind for anyone who […]

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Navigating Family Law

As anyone who has had to deal with family law understands, family law can be challenging. When we are talking about family law, basically we are focusing our attention on are things that have to do with divorce, child custody, alimony payments, and child support payments. None of these situations are easy to deal with […]

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How to Deal With A DUI

There is hardly a person on the planet that would say that getting a DUI is a good thing. More times than not, when an individual gets a DUI is because they had a momentary lapse of good judgement. They may have gone out with their friends and they may have had a few drinks. […]

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Help with Medical Bills

Anyone who has ever had to visit the doctor or has had to go to the emergency room knows the staggering numbers that come on the bill when he receives it in the mail. Even a simple shot or a routine checkup can cost hundreds of dollars. One broken arm is enough to put someone […]

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