Cyber Law

So much of our technology is new and this is one area of law that people are struggling to determine what should and shouldn’t be allowed.


One of the most heatedly debated issues of our generation. New laws and policies are being implemented daily.

National Law

Find out what’s new and happening around the nation.

Distracted Driving

Avoid cell phone ticket in ca and other distractions to remain safe on the road. Even though you cannot avoid all chances of an accident, you sure can lower the possibility with some safe driving techniques, like those listed here. Tailgaters One annoying distraction that comes from outside of the car is the classic tailgater. […]

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Who Pays For Broken or Clogged Items When You Rent

There are many people who end up with broken items or appliances or with clogged drains or sinks. That is true of people who are renting their homes and for those who are home owners. But the problems often come for people who are renting. They do not know if they are responsible for paying […]

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Importance of Grad School

It used to be that simply graduating with a degree meant better career and placement options.  As industries get more advanced and more and more students are graduating with degrees and advanced education skills Grad School has become even more important in staying competitive in the job market.  Many long time employees are finding it […]

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Understanding the Rules for Donating a car for Tax Purposes

When it comes to charitable donations that count as tax deductions there is a lot of information to take into consideration.  It may seem like the rules are never ending, but if you just take it one section at a time you will be able to get the gist of it and make it through […]

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What to do if you are in an Accident

Let’s face the facts, unfortunately accidents happen whether we want them to or not. This is especially true of car accidents. For instance, just last year, 3 weeks before my wedding mind you, I’m sitting in traffic at a red light when I get hit by a drunk driver! Needless to say the back of […]

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Dressing for a Court Room Appearance

If you’re heading to court you know all about being prepared to answer the questions.  You’ve talked to your lawyer, you’ve gotten all of the legal advice that you can and now you just need to act upon it, right?  Wrong.  You also need to dress appropriately.  People will judge you on how you look […]

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Benefits of having a Short Sale Lawyer

When going through the process of a short sale you may try to wing it, get an agent, or consult a lawyer, but eh reality is that all three of you are needed to successfully pull of a short sale.  One should not work without the other though on occasion a person has probably sold […]

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Real Life Bankruptcy

We all know that the economy is rough these days. Hopefully you have taken proper precautions to ensure that you are fairing well financially. If not, and you find yourself struggling royally to make ends meet, you might consider filing for bankruptcy. This however can have big effects on your family. It is important to […]

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Avoiding Online Trademark Infringement and Counterfeiting Starts With Awareness

Trademarks act to identify the source of a particular good or service. To be effective and drive sales, they generally must be visible to a certain segment of consumers. On the Internet, that “visibility” may be achieved through several marketing and search engine optimization techniques. The following discusses various ways in which unscrupulous infringers trade […]

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Important Information About EB-5 Visa

For investors who have money to spend and want to use it to create jobs on US soil, Congress created the EB-5 Visa, also called the Immigrant Investor Visa. This visa was part of an effort beginning in the early 1990′s to attract businesses and job-creators to the country by offering a special, streamlined process […]

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