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Appealing a Social Security Benefits Denial

Too many people wait until it is to late to decide to file an appeal of a social security benefits denial. They may feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the process.

If you have had your disability benefits claim denied, then you should realize that you are not alone. Unfortunately, millions of disability benefits claims are denied every year. You can help your situation by getting in touch with an experienced disability benefits lawyer as soon as possible after your denial. A disability benefits lawyer will initiate the appeals process to ensure that you meet all applicable deadlines. Here are some of the other important steps that will be involved in the appeal of your social security benefits claim denial.

Submit a Request for Reconsideration

A disability benefits lawyer can review your case and assess the reasons you were denied benefits. You may have reported the wrong information or failed to disclose the full extent of your medical condition. Perhaps your medical condition has even worsened since the time in which you submitted a social security benefits claim. Your lawyer can help you submit a “Request for Reconsideration.” You also have the opportunity to list any new ailments on this form.

Including Required Information in the Appeal

A disability benefits lawyer will also ensure that you have included all of the appropriate medical documents in your appeal. You may file your appeal online, or you can leave this task to your lawyer. You will also need to submit signed release forms to the Social Security office and also include an appeal disability report. It is vital that you be as thorough as possible in filling out the appeal disability report.

Reviewing the Appeal

After you submit the appeal, a new individual will review your case. The benefit of filing an appeal is that the person reviewing your claim will not be the same individual who originally reviewed your claim. He or she must also not be a subordinate worker of the original reviewer.

Urgent Care Claims

If you are requesting funds for urgent care, then your appeal must be reviewed at most 72 hours after the plan has been submitted. If you are filing a claim for a disability, then a reviewer has up to 45 days to review your denied claim.

You may have to wait a set period of time to submit an appeal of your initial claim. This period of time can range from 72 hours to 45 days. It is in your best interest to speak with a disability benefits lawyer who can help you.

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