What Is The Difference Between SSI And SSDI?

mdd3The Difference Between SSI And SSDI

It’s important to know the difference between SSI supplemental security income and SSDI Social Security disability income. The biggest reason a person will need to know the difference between these two benefits is to determine which type of lawyer they need or if they need a lawyer at all. SSI is something that’s given to those who may or may not have worked, and the person can be young in age, such as a child of a low-income family that is disabled. If a child is born disabled or found to be disabled, whether it’s mentally or physically, then the parents of the child may be entitled to SSI, depending on their income.

SSI can also be paid to those who are older in age and do not depend on their parents, based on certain factors, whether they are working or not. Those who are found to be disabled but are young in age may still qualify for SSI and will likely have to have a payee to receive their benefits each month. The payee will be in charge of the money the disabled person receives. SSDI is different because it’s meant for those who were in the workforce and worked at least five out of the last ten years, and they’ve become disabled somehow. The disability suffered by a person signing up for SSDI can be mental or physical but must meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration for benefits to be paid out.

Hiring A Lawyer

Anyone who chooses to go and get benefits from the Social Security Administration, whether it’s SSI or SSDI, should get an attorney. Getting benefits for a child or even an adult who has a disability can take years, and this may be years that you don’t have to wait. It’s not guaranteed that a lawyer will ensure that you’ll get benefits that much quicker, but in many cases, persons who hire a lawyer get their benefits sooner than those who don’t hire one. It’s possible that you may get denial after denial and have to go through several appeals before finally getting the benefits you need.

Whether the benefits are for yourself or an individual in your family, consider hiring the lawyers at Myler Disability, especially if you’ve already had a previous denial. The lawyers from this firm can help those who are going for disability of any kind, whether it’s SSI or SSDI, so you’ll have someone helping you to get disability benefits or the benefits that a family member needs. Myler Disability has over 20 years of experience, so use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage when applying for disability benefits.

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