What To Do When Bitten By An Animal

animal_biteThousands of Americans receive animal bites every year–dog bites are the most common. In most case scenarios, if an individual is ever bitten by any animal, they may have a potential personal injury case that needs to be filed in a court of law. This is always contingent upon when the state the victim resides in actually enforces “strict liability” on the animal’s owners. If the state the victim resides in does not enforce the strict liability laws, the victim may invest in a good Louisville Personal Injury Lawyers to assist them with their civil case. They may be able to assist the victim in showing that the animal’s owner actually knew that their pet had vicious propensities before the pet attacked the victim.

Sometimes even man’s best friend bites at times. Animal bites and dog attacks may leave a client seriously injured and the bites make their victim’s injuries more permanent. The victims of animal bites, especially dog attacks, may face major and expensive medical bills and lost wages financially for their families. Liability for animal bites and dog attacks is often hinged on what information that the animal’s owners may have known before the attack about the pet’s propensity for violent behavior against people.

An owner of an animal that bites may be found liable if the pet has an aggressive history towards humans but this may be hard to prove. If a client is ever bitten, they need to document the incident, all of the incident. They need to have their injuries looked at by a medical physician and they also need to have witnesses or video of the pet’s vicious behavior towards others. Armed with this information, they need to document their injuries and all of their expenses. They need to keep all of their bills, treatment history, procedures that they may have underwent, and so forth. This makes the legal case a lot easier to win in a court of law. If the victim suffered severed carotid arteries, multiple traumatic injuries to the face and neck,abdomen or other major parts of their bodies, surgical procedures, such as plastic surgery or vascular injuries, this can add up to a great deal of money that the victim may not have and this is very important to their case file in court.

Pets are wonderful companions, and they can also terrorize a neighborhood, or they may be able to do both. This is contingent upon the owner and the state’s strict liability laws in the state that an individual resides in. When an owner’s pet bites someone, the owner could be held liable legally. The insurance carrier may have certain terms in their insurance policy that may cover the bites of their pets or animals. A good Louisville Personal Injury Lawyers may be able to consult with a potential client or victim to discuss their case in more English latent terms and explain their case and offer any solutions to pursue the truth of their incident. So call them today, so that they may get to work on your case today.

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